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Industry Standard

Indoor Stages

5.8m x 3.6m

  • With stairs
  • x15 floor decks
  • x24 stage legs
  • x31 stage frame gates

Able to accommodate

  • Dj booth/stand
  • Live band and performances
indoor staging hire events6
indoor staging hire events3
indoor staging hire events5

4.8m x 3.6m

Good for any indoor event, mostly elegant and corporate events.

  • x 12 floor decks
  • x 20 stage legs
  • x 23 stage frame gates
  • With stairs
indoor staging hire events7
indoor staging hire events9
indoor staging hire events8

Outdoor Stages

10m x 7m

The stage is big enough to accommodate a DJ stand, drum-kit, keys an artist with his/her choreographers.



  • 6m Uprights
  • Line array system
  • Stack up system
outdoor staging hire events7
outdoor staging hire events6
outdoor staging hire events10

9m x 6m

  • 6m uprights
  • With roof
  • Rear shade cloth
  • Line array system
  • Stack up system
  • Stairs
  • Stable and fixed floor

Able to accommodate

  • Live bands
  • Dj booth/stand
outdoor staging hire events9
stage hire in eastern cape
stage hire eastern cape

9m x 6m

Without Roof

  • No roof for a nice spring/summer event
  • Line array system & stack up system
  • With or without shade cloth

Able to accommodate

  • Live performances
  • Live bands
  • Dj booth/stand
  • Reliable floor decks and poles
outdoor staging hire events
outdoor staging hire events3
outdoor staging hire events2

7m x 6m

  • PA wings
  • With roof
  • Rear shade cloth
  • Line array system
  • Stack up system
  • Stairs
outdoor stage event hire sa 3
outdoor stage event hire sa 1
outdoor stage event hire sa 2

6m x 5m

  • Stage floor-900mm adjustable to 1200mm
  • 2 x 5 high scaffold tower
  • Shade cloth
  • Suitable for djing events
  • Preferably stack up system
outdoor staging hire events8
outdoor staging hire events4
outdoor staging hire events5

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